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What do you know about the word “Allah”?

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Perhaps the word “Allah” sounds strange to your ears. Maybe you are wondering what it means or maybe you heard something about it but you are not sure. “Allah” is the name of the Creator who created everything and whom … Continue reading

The most 7 common questions about islam 3-7

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3. Who is Allaah? Often one hears the Arabic word “Allaah” being used in discussions regarding Islaam. The word “Allaah” is simply the Arabic word for Almighty God, and is the same word used by Arabic speaking Christians and Jews. … Continue reading

Asmaa’u Allah Al-Hosna

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Asmaa’u Allah Al-Hosna أسماء الله الحسنى


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Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, is the man beloved by more than 1.2 billion Muslims. He is the man who taught us patience in the face of adversity, and taught us to live … Continue reading